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We constantly strive to innovate and improvise the existing products with consultation and feedback received from trade and users, recently we have developed the following products.

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Quality is obsession with us, our instruments are grounded, polished sharpened to
perfection, as to deliver the high class instruments for its intended use.

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Heilen Sicher Instruments

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Heilen Sicher Instruments offers a full line of precision, High Quality, Rust Proof surgical tools ideal for all Surgery. These Instruments are made from Certified grade steel i.e 410/420 grade and equivalent international standards. These Instruments are CE and ISO Certified.

The Heilen Sicher Surgical Instruments are available in several materials Including Stainless Steel, Tungusteen Carbide, Titanium, Diamond and ultra edge. Stainless steel is best choice but in some cases another material is batter Option like Tungsteen Carbide Scissor and Needle Holder two time longer than stainless steel.

Titanium is over 40% lighter than stainless steel instruments with better flexibility and strength. Titanium is 100% non-magnetic.

Our fine Surgical Instruments included a wide variety of tweezers, forceps, scissors, bone instruments, surgical and vascular clips and clamps, re-tractors, vascular access instruments .

Heilen sicher offers a full line of high quality and affordable prices surgical instruments to meet your needs as well as the expertise to assist you in your selection.

We Are Committed To Quality , Value And Service