Heilen Sicher offer Range of Orthopadic Instruments comprises many of items which are manufacture by superior grade of stainless steel 420 / 410 grade . These are the tools specifically designed to carry out different actions and to achieve various purposes during a surgery or an operation we are paying our best efforts which meets the same quality standards of all orthopedic instruments as needed. Orthopedic surgery takes place, surgeons make use of forceps which are used to get a hold of the tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Forceps are orthopedic instruments which are handheld and have a hinge at one end so that the surgeon is provided with utmost control during the procedure. There are a variety of forceps which are used; some are used for clamping blood vessels which help to stop any bleeding which may result from the surgery. Surgical scissors are also used to cut open smaller tissue areas and these can also clamp on to tissue and muscle. These scissors are available in a variety of lengths so that each specific scissor can fulfill the requirements of the surgery.

Another common instrument used in orthopedic surgery is a mallet. The inside of this mallet is made using brass. A mallet comes in the shape of a hammer and it is used in a variety of operations. A curette is another kind of instrument which is used by orthopedic surgeons. It has a long handle attached. A bone curette is used to remove any bone tumors or tissue growth. Bone grafting is a procedure which is commonly done and which makes use of this instrument.